About Under 21 Malaysian

Welcome to our humble project that aims to empower the voices of under-21 Malaysian youths.

How We Got Started?

Under 21 Malaysian was started with the aim of empowering the voices of under-21 through mock voting to indicate their choice for Malaysia’s future. As a politically neutral group, we had the idea of letting Malaysia know of the under-21′s choice in our mind. Retrospectively speaking, we were successful at achieving this goal on the 5th of May as we received as many as 31,096 mock votes. Thus, we plan to carry on this project and transform it into a platform that allows Malaysia youths to communicate without any barriers. Under 21 Malaysian will hence be restructured into a blog that entrust the power of voicing out to fellow youths through the form of op-ed articles. Comments are also encouraged in hopes of sparking ideas and understanding.

Behind The Scenes

U21M is currently run by two pre-university graduates that just like you, are unable to vote. E is a 19 year old that is headed towards Boston University in August to study finance and business. D on the other hand is a 20 year old that is headed towards London School of Economics to study, well, economics. We both had our finals in early May, so if you have any ideas on what to improve, or if you are willing to help contribute to the website, do drop us an email at under21malaysian@gmail.com

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